Multi-Generational Entrepreneurship

Being from a small town, my father conducts his business with old-fashioned values, based on the honor system. I know its now referred to as “innovative”, but I consider his approach traditional business practices. My father understands the importance of customer service and honoring agreements — and I’ve incorporated these principles into my business.

Mentoring Women in Technology

Working in the tech industry, I’ve seen first hand that there aren’t many women of color in this field. So, I started volunteering with Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization that provides technology education programs for Black girls ages 7-17. It excites me to see how proud these young women are of what they create – whether it is an app or website.

The Pursuit of Innovation

Diversity and Innovation

The American venture has not always held up to it’s proclaimed ideals of liberty and justice for all. However, despite all of its shortcomings, it has giving birth to a unique American spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. African-American innovators and entrepreneurs are significant contributors to the creation of this American spirit. As Black enterprises, we (more…)